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Online B2B Marketing Course

3 Month

3 Months

Get the basics of B2B marketing in just 3 months

Learn Online

Learn Online

Study B2B marketing where it’s convenient for you

Real Cases

Real Cases

Don’t waste your time on theory, learn from the real B2B cases

What Will I Learn?

Scope of skills you’ll cover with B2B marketing course

Boost leads flow

Acquire more leads utilizing the capabilities of performance marketing channels.

Improve customer retention

Increase the number of sales and keep your customers loyal.

Meet KPIs

Pay for the results and reach your KPIs with a data-driven marketing approach.

PPC Marketing

Expand visibility

Boost your exposure with display ads all over the blockchain space.

Grow your customer base

Take advantage of programmatic buying to generate more leads.

Programmatic Buying

Generate a buzz

Create hype and make everyone talk about you.

Build credibility and trust

Improve your reputation by partnering with top blockchain media.

Get powerful links

Receive trusted backlinks from reliable websites and increase your authority.

PR & Branding

Grow and educate potential clients

Build a loyal community and grow your clients within social media.

Set up direct communication

Be closer to your audience, interact, and receive feedback from your potential clients.

Community Building

Collaborate with major influencers

Build a powerful brand by integrating with trustworthy influencers.

Increase exposure

Tell about your brand to the 25+ million crypto community.

Utilize referral marketing

Empower influencer marketing performance with referral programs for influencers.

Influencer Marketing

Years of experience in one course

Become a B2B professional with complete B2B marketing course

Marketer Salary


B2B Marketing Jobs

7000+ open vacancies in US


Build your portfolio on real cases during the course

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About us

B2B marketers has always been in demand and this role doesn’t lose relevance. So, it’s never too late to become an expert in this field!

Your Call to Action

+ increase your income

Structure of B2B marketing course

Tell us about yourself


B2B Marketing Basics and Key Points Before the Start

In order to develop a strategy that will meet your requirements, we have to evaluate your goals and resources.

Media plan


Lead Acquisitions Sources Overview

We carefully study your resources and the current market situation before devising a media plan

Strategy implementation


Sales Funnel Insights and Recommendations

If our visions align, we will carry out the plan.

Track the performance


Analytics and Performance Tracking

Analytics is essential. We analyze your performance and adjust marketing campaigns to improve KPIs.

Automate the processes


Marketing Automation

Automate your digital marketing to free up time for other vital business tasks.

Still Have Concerns?

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • The course consist of 12 modules which takes around 40 hours to complete. Without any rush you can complete the course within 3 months.

  • Yes, you’ll have a certificate which proves your qualification.

  • It totally depends on set of skills and experience. For example junior B2B marketing manager salary in US can be in the range of $50.000-$60.000. Middle marketing manager with 1-3 years of experience can earn $70.000-$100.000. Senior manager salary starts from $100.000.

  • As soon as you start a course we connect you with one of our B2B marketing specialist who will help you in your way and will answer your questions.