Blockchain Marketing Agency

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Buying

Show your banner ads to your target audience all over the most popular websites


Costs saving

Pay only for the target audience

Performance evaluation

Make sure that your marketing works due to deep analytics

Expand your reach

Find your clients whenever they are

KPI performance

We can reach any KPI from visits to CAC and ROMI

How does programmatic works?

Step 1

Define the target audience

We create target audience portrait and determine client's issues and needs

Step 2

Work with DSP platform

    We make creatives and launch campaigns in most popular DSP's
  • Display & Video 360
  • Yandex Direct
  • MyTarget
  • Segmento
  • Criteo

Step 3

Gain data from DMP

Data-Management-Platforms passes data regarding target audience that we set up in DSP that allows us to show ads exactly who we needs

Step 4

Ad Exchange and SSP distribution

From DSP our ads with targeting settings are moving to Ad Exchange and than to Supply-Side-Platform, which aggregates websites where ads can be shown

Why to choose Crypto Marketing Agency?

Work with Big Data

Buy only your target audience

Use precision targeting

Auction model more profitable, than direct buying

Want to try Programmatic buying for your Brand?

Leave your request and we will contact you soon!

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