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Top 20 Play To Earn Games for 2023

April 15, 2023


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P2E games, also known as play-to-earn games, are cryptocurrency games that allow players to take control of gameplay elements like quests, character breeding, fighting battles, etc. Users can obtain in-game currencies that can be used to buy NFTs or transferred directly to a crypto wallet and exchanged for tokens or FIAT. You basically earn from playing such crypto games as you interact with them.

According to a recent analysis by DappRadar, play-to-earn and metaverse games raised $1.3 billion in just Q3 of 2022. In fact, about one million wallets engage with these games daily, showing gamers’ interest in them. Moreover, these numbers demonstrate that play-to-earn games provide great investment chances that should be noticed.

This article should be a good read if you need help figuring out where to begin with play-to-earn games in 2023. We will examine 20 of the top P2E cryptocurrency games in this article, so you may invest in them now and join the gaming revolution in 2023, Let’s roll.

Categories of Play-to-Earn Games

Below are the categories of P2E games you might encounter in the crypto gaming industry. As this sector continues to develop, you should not be surprised by the emergence of new categories.

Real Estate Play-to-Earn Games

The distinction between the real and virtual worlds is eliminated in play-to-earn games. Play-to-earn games like Decentraland, which lets you purchase land parcels and build structures, illustrate this well.

Locations in Decentraland are non-fungible digital assets called LAND that you purchase from the game. These locations are what you interact with there.

Over 90,600 virtual pieces of land are available in the Decentraland system. A LAND NFT is how each one is presented. The purchase and sale of LAND is, therefore, an NFT transaction.

Once you possess a piece of LAND, you can do whatever you want. Even building an entire virtual city is possible with it.

Adventure Play to Earn Games

‘Move to Earn’ video games and mobile applications, like the STEPN app for runners, are a recent development in the P2E sector.

Users with a GPS connection on their phone can gain tokens just by going for a jog (in this case, Green Metaverse Token or GMT). The more they work out, the more money they make. The only catch is that you have to initially purchase a pair of digital sneakers, which an NFT symbolizes.

Card Play to Earn Games

In card games, strategy and tactics are frequently required for success, so you should think about acting logically to gain advantages.

Gods Unchained is a game that uses this play to earn a model well. Building strong decks and using battle tactics to outsmart your opponents are requirements for this game’s rewards.

When the Gods Unchained presale is over, Calvaria, another battle-card game, may outperform it.

In another instance, Sorare observes players purchasing NFT cards of actual football players. You must pick the best football players before games to score points and acquire Ethereum tokens.

Racing P2E Games

You can participate in play-to-earn games typically exclusive to racing. One of the top NFT horse racing projects available is offered by Silks, an excellent example of this gaming category.

Thoroughbred horses can now be purchased, owned, and traded in the Metaverse as NFTs, thanks to the blockchain-based digital world.

Top 20 Play-to-Earn Games to Look Out For in 2023


Splinterlands Play 2 Earn game

The game’s rules are simple to understand, and all cards and bundles have genuine advantages and are open to trading. The market or the official in-game shop is where you can buy new cards. Many gamers play Splinterlands because it frequently gets updates and expansions. Recently, the game released rare cards, making it an even more alluring proposition for players.

Splinter land game creates another imitation of Pokemon after Axie Infinity, but this time with less magic. Players who are constantly looking for a game drive economy should give this a try.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained Plat 2 Earn Game

This is one of the numerous magic-inspired video game features. Players build decks and use cards to battle with and eliminate foes in the game. They can fully and ultimately own the cards they earn from this blockchain game and store or exchange them whenever they wish.

It takes a lot of effort and winning hundreds to thousands of dollars to finally purchase some cards, such as those from physical collectible card games. However, you can try the free-mode option if you’re hoping to hone your gaming skills without investing.

Pirates Of The Arrland

Pirates Of The Arrland Play 2 Earn Game

With MMO strategic and other economic experiences, Pirates of the Arrland covers a variety of adventures. A stunning island is the setting for all of this. To explore an island, you must complete lovely quests that involve gathering gems, removing barriers, battling enemies, and chipping away at the island. You will go through all of this to find the huddle treasure or, to use another term, NFT items. It becomes more complex as you progress through the game.

Only to a certain extent can Genesis pirates exploit small islands economically. As you approach larger islands, the number of structures, NFTs, or other valuables will increase.

Infinite Fleet

Infinite Fleet Play 2 Earn Game

Infinite Fleet is another forthcoming space-based MMO. To start operating and fighting the Atrox aliens, players will follow instructions from the United Sol Federation spaceship. When you need to work with pals to engage in fierce combat, you can enhance your arsenal’s ship and weapons and turn on a cooperative mode.

The INF currency is used in the game, which has gotten a lot of support. Through the participation model, you will receive your INF-like bitcoins.

Age of Rust

Age of Rust Plat 2 Earn Game

This game will win you over since it has such fantastic gameplay. The platform-based Enjin game is expected to be released before the year’s end. Players can anticipate having access to various weapons, tools, and special abilities to combat bothersome robots.

Players must engage in combat to obtain the items. By winning those battles, you can then profit financially. The three different forms of in-game puzzles will make the game more adventurous. The best blockchain game for making money, for instance, involves discovering a door while completing crypto riddles and receiving NFTs as a reward.

The Six Dragons

Six Dragons Play 2 Earn Game

The open-world game called the Six Dragons has a fantasy theme and allows players to do various things, including farm, craft, trade, and more. Players can also freely explore the infinite world in the game. The Six Dragons will enable you to construct 300 unique crafts unheard of in other games, and one is exclusively yours to keep.

Both traditional and blockchain gaming’s fantasy sub-genre is well-established. The Six Dragons, however, has stunning visuals and allows players to explore the game’s universe while collecting and exchanging various items.


Lightnite Play 2 Earn Game

Similar to Fortnite, Lightnite is a battle royale game. For shooting down other players in this game, participants receive Bitcoin payouts. The Lightning Network entirely supports its microtransactions. You will win more bitcoins in the game if you kill more opponents.

However, shot players incur penalties and forfeit their Bitcoins. Lightnite’s in-game items can be tokenized and traded via the Elixir Marketplace platform, an NFT market.

Neon District

Neon District Play 2 Earn Game

In this sci-fi-themed game, players battle their way across Unity City. They pick up new knowledge and special NFTs from a game kit on the route to the city. Players can trade their earnings in the game’s marketplace, where ETH is the primary asset.

Playing the game will give you the complete picture, especially when you encounter plasma bears. You will encounter plasma bears as enemies, puzzles to work out, and “trading card game battle mechanics” to master on your journey through the roiling backstreets of the vast cityscape.

9Lives Arena

9Lives Arena Play 2 Earn GAme

This is another Enjin platform-based creation in addition to Age of Rust. You will fight in many arenas throughout this game, dependent on three factors: preparation, practice, and permadeath.

You must first select a player before you begin the game. You can customize your fighter to your heart’s delight after choosing them from the Samurai, Viking, Gladiator, and other options. As you succeed in the battles and earn additional rewards, you will amass skins, abilities, and other goodies.

Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club Play 2 Earn Game

The Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is a real-time PvP MOBA game that combines all other avatar collections on a single platform. It is more than just an avatar project. Players can engage in combat, triumph, and gain Ethereum and NFTs.

This big smash game is exciting since it combines characters from different IPs, like Pikachu and Mario. Galaxy Fight Club makes faces as various characters, such as a Cool Cat versus a Cryptopunk or a Bull from Bulls on the Block versus an Ape from BAYC.

The Sandbox

Sandbox Play 2 Earn Game

Sandbox is one of the best blockchain games based on features and rating; the games have become a gamers phenomena just like Roblox and Minecraft.

Players can own land, erect buildings, engage in relationships, and play games in this virtual environment or Metaverse. By purchasing a sandbox plot of virtual land, you can earn money from the experiences you make in the Metaverse, which can be a thrilling experience for small developers or artists who aren’t familiar with other gaming engines. All Sandbox features can be purchased and sold using the SAND token, and as a result, users help to continue the Metaverse’s growth. The ability to exchange NFTs, which are used to alter an avatar’s look, is available to players in addition to the ability to buy and sell virtual land.


Cryptopop Play 2 Earn Game

You are halfway through this game if you have played sugar crush, which is a game you most likely have. It is merely Candy Crush on the blockchain.

However, you can get points by matching the cryptocurrency symbols on the screen rather than getting the soda here. Your goals alter as you unlock new levels, play more matches, and earn more points. Players can also increase their income by publicly trading with other players in the in-game market. Ether and Popcorn are the main currencies of Cryptopop.


illuvium Play 2 Earn Game

This is the first AAA game ever created on the Ethereum blockchain, and the beta version of ILLuvium will be available in the first quarter of 2023; you can get started by creating an account.

Unlike most other games, all in-game revenues are distributed to players and stakeholders. The Illuvian DAO allows players to cast votes on purchase decisions.

The Illuvial who fill an open-world, fantasy fighting system on the Ethereum blockchain have unique skills, classes, and roles. To combat other Illuvial, players might gather them and use them. Additionally, they can keep reselling their creatures for ILV tokens.


Upland Play 2 Earn Game

In this blockchain-based game, gamers can purchase, sell, and trade virtual land, just as they do in the real world. “Digital landlords” can construct properties in the game, and as they do so, they gain UPX.

The maps of San Francisco and New York were shown in the game. It enables you to buy virtual real estate linked to physical addresses in these two cities. Players can now stock properties for real money, thanks to the game’s recently added Property to USD beta program.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Play 2 Earn Game

The main Pokémon inspired Axie Infinity, but as it is a blockchain-based game, it also incorporated Crypto Kitties and the Pokemon. Here, users compete against each other in various settings while purchasing and breeding adorable little creatures called Axies. Due to its gameplay and aesthetics, Axie is not for everyone, but if you play, it can open a new source of revenue.

The least expensive Axies start from 0.0421 ETH, and players must purchase a minimum of three of them to get started. This implies a relatively large upfront cost, but the time and energy you invested in the game can pay off because winning battles rewards you with Small Love Potions (SLPs). You can use these SLPs or utility tokens for breeding more Axies, which can then be traded or sold to other players.

However, Axies become more expensive as the number of their breeds increases.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Play 2 Earn Game

The NFT-based play-to-earn game has many similarities with Mythical games. Investors have been quite interested in the limited edition of Blankos, especially after the success of the company’s partnerships with Deadmau5 and Burberry.

The game’s primary goal is to let players create their distinctive characters as digital vinyl toys, focusing on unique designs. It enables users to build and explore virtual worlds where they can gather special Blankos, participate in missions, and play group games known as “Block Parties.” As such, it offers users ample opportunity to have fun and make some money simultaneously.


MegaCryptoPolis3D Play 2 Earn Game

For individuals who enjoy acting as godfathers, MegaCryptoPolis3D is their ideal universe. This blockchain-based technology fulfills your dream for you. You can purchase, build, and earn money from a plot of land on the Ethereum-based game’s metaverse game map. Both PCs and mobile devices support the game.

You can make money while playing the game by offering services, selling advertising space, collecting taxes on land you own, etc.

With the introduction of its $MEGA coin last year, MegaCryptoPolis3D also became decentralized. Players now have a ton of new options to play with.

Sorare Fantasy Football

Sorare Play 2 Earn Game

This soothing combination of card collections and blockchain allows you to exchange cards for good money. Players create teams of five players in the game by placing bids or exchanging cards at the Sorare marketplace.

In addition to the numbers generated, cards are valued according to the players on them. They are the most valuable sort to own because each player only gets one unique card per season. The remainder is taken care of by blockchain, which guarantees that players may trade their cards with trust, know they are not buying fraudulent cards, and have access to the complete history of every card sold.


Mobox Play 2 Earn Game

Mobox utilizes Defi, commonly known as decentralized finance, and runs on the Binance Smart Chain; the idea behind the game is to gather players and inverters from many network blockchains in one location.

The game’s primary goal is to give users the freedom to participate in NFT games while still earning money. Players can use MBOX tokens for transaction processing, staking, and governance in the MOBOX ecosystem to control resource development and allocation.


Decentraland Play 2 Earn

Decentraland is an Ethereum-based game that simulates real life while giving players far more power than they would have outside the Metaverse. It is designed to generate passive income, with players buying land to develop and monetize as they like. Each of the LAND parcels in the Metaverse has its ERC721 NFT.

You may buy and customize LAND using the ERC20 token known as MANA, which is also the game’s currency. Decentraland is a blockchain game that simulates real life while giving players far more power than they would have outside the Metaverse. It is designed to generate passive income.


P2E games have made Non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies, such as those used in games, worth billions of dollars.

The term “play-to-earn” refers to cryptocurrency games that let users participate in gameplay activities, including fighting, breeding virtual characters, completing quests, and other activities.

In exchange, players might get some in-game currency that can later be exchanged for real-world payment-usable tokens or currencies, transferred directly to a cryptocurrency wallet, or used to buy NFTs.

One of the critical attractions for players to participate actively in these games is how players get rewarded for playing these crypto games. This explains why “play-to-earn” games have become so widely popular.

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